Kaare and Unnie’s Story

Head On Collision

Head On Collision Results in Traumatic Head Injury

Our 31-year-old son was hit head-on by a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel and crossed the center line on the highway. As he lay in a coma in the ICU of Vancouver General Hospital, we were told he had suffered a serious brain injury and may not make it. He had also suffered other extensive injuries throughout his body.

Immediately upon meeting Brian, we felt that he was the right person to represent our son. He was very patient while we described our son’s accident and injuries and asked questions about the future.

Brian started the ball rolling immediately and assigned us a caseworker who was a former employee of the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre. Everyone, including ICBC, treated our son like gold and we believe this had a lot to do with the respect everyone had for Brian and his associates.

Not only is Brian excellent at his job, but he also treats his clients as if they are part of his family. He met with us many times either at the hospital or the rehabilitation centre, he came into his office on a Saturday, and he visited our son at his home to make sure everything was all right. He even took the time to make sure the settlement money was properly invested in order to take care of our son for the rest of his life.

We feel that our son received the best possible medical attention and rehabilitation as well as the best possible settlement he could have received, all because of the dedication of Brian and his staff. Because of Parsons Corrin LLP our son will live a long and happy life.

– Kaare and Unnie

“Because of Parsons Corrin LLP, our son will live a long and happy life.”

Kaare and Unnie

Vancouver, BC

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