Adelene’s Story

Young man hit by a motorcyle

Adelene received a phone call from her daughter about her son’s, Ryan, severe accident when he was 23 years old. Ryan was an active young man who enjoyed skateboarding, basketball, and playing the drums in a band. He was also in the process of becoming an electrician through an apprenticeship. However, in 2008, Ryan was overserved alcohol at a bar and then stepped in front of a motorcycle while in Vancouver, resulting in a broken neck, severe brain injury, a broken ankle, and restructuring of the left side of his face and eye socket. When Adelene first saw Ryan in the hospital, she was in shock and thought he might not make it. The hospital staff provided Adelene with a list of lawyers and she randomly picked one. The lawyer agreed to take on Ryan’s case but had to later inform Adelene that it was a conflict of interest for her firm to represent them. The lawyer assured Adelene that she would find them a good replacement lawyer and connected them with Richard.

Richard was a very friendly and supportive lawyer. He introduced himself to Adelene and Ryan as if they had known each other for a long time, making it easy for them to talk to him and ask any questions. Richard assured Adelene that no question was a stupid question and that he would try his best to answer it. Adelene was able to share everything with Richard, and he provided great support to her and Ryan. Without Richard’s help, Ryan’s life would have been very different, and he would have likely received a much smaller settlement that would not have been enough for him to live on his own.


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