Anny’s Story

Car Accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury

Car accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury

“I sustained a severe brain injury as the result of an accident. Parsons Corrin LLP was recommended to my parents by other professionals working in the area of brain injury care. My parents have since told me that the BIL team were ‘nothing but the best.’ They were a great support for my family during a very difficult time.

The devoted team placed my recovery first and foremost. They made arrangements for me to see various skilled professionals to help me cope and work with the many challenges before me, as a result of my brain injury. Initially, I did not want any help as I thought I was ‘fine.’ But they demonstrated sensitivity and patience as they knew and understood what I was going through.

Parsons Corrin LLP did a great job sifting through information with a fine-toothed comb. From investigating the scene of the accident to preparing for trial, Parsons Corrin LLP made certain that no rock was left unturned.

I recommend Parsons Corrin LLP to anyone having sustained a brain injury. You can count on them to provide you with the best medical and legal services so that you can recover to your fullest potential and get what you deserve.”

– Anny

“Parsons Corrin LLP made certain that no rock was left unturned.”


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