Brenda’s Story

Pedestrian hit by a pickup truck

Pedestrian struck by half-ton truck

“My life took a permanent sharp turn when my husband Tom, a pedestrian, was struck by a half-ton truck in Surrey, British Columbia. He sustained multiple skull fractures. Once at the hospital, he was quickly put on a ventilator, stabilized, and sent to the ICU. I was notified by telephone at home in Manitoba. I caught the first available plane out the following morning.

One look at him removed all hope that he was not seriously injured. Tom had sustained severe brain injuries, some areas of injury much larger than others but with damage throughout his entire brain.

We stayed many hours a day at his bedside whenever we were allowed into the ICU. After a few days, I began to look for information on the brain. There were no relevant books in the ICU so I called the BC Brain Injury Association. Rather than just directing me to resource material, I was put in contact with a client coordinator who asked, ‘Have you got a lawyer?’ We were quite taken aback. Due to the state of mind we were in no one had thought about a lawyer or that we might even need one. After researching various lawyers, we contacted Parsons Corrin LLP.

We were impressed from our first conversation with the team at Parsons Corrin LLP. They were very professional but at the same time we never felt that they talked down to us. Over the weeks and months that we worked with Parsons Corrin LLP, we realized they knew a great deal about brain injuries and about the devastation the family as well as the survivor have to deal with.

At first I just wanted to take Tom home, but I slowly came to realize he would need care that I couldn’t provide on my own. Brian encouraged me to go to Winnipeg and look into the rehabilitation program there and then to do the same with the GF Strong Centre in Vancouver so I could make an informed decision for Tom. Applying to be a committee (legal guardian) for Tom was a very difficult thing for me and in so doing I had to admit to myself that he was so seriously injured that he couldn’t make decisions for himself. The lawyers at Parsons Corrin LLP thoroughly explained the process to me and supported me through this very emotional time.

When preparing for trial I felt that Parsons Corrin LLP was very well prepared. For example, they hired an expert to lay out the cost of future care for Tom. Things like this I would never ever have thought of — I was still unrealistically thinking of taking my husband home, looking after him and everything being fine!

I have been able to phone the associates any time of day. It’s been years since Tom was hurt and though I don’t have to call Parsons Corrin LLP as often anymore, when I do need help or information, they are still there for Tom, me and the family — they really do care!”

–  Brenda

*Please note that the names in this testimonial were changed for confidentiality reasons.

“Over the weeks and months that we worked with Parsons Corrin LLP, we realized they knew a great deal about brain injuries and about the devastation the family, as well as the survivor, have to deal with.”


Vancouver, BC

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