Brain and head injury recovery for infants and children can be complex


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Brain and head injury recovery for infants and children can be complex.

The perception that young people are resilient and able to recover faster doesn’t always apply to brain and head injuries. In fact, as a child’s brain is still developing, problems caused by trauma often remain hidden, only to show up later in life, in more complex environments.

According to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, acute and long-term risk factors associated with youth and sports-concussions in particular are a major concern, with evidence that multiple mild TBIs may predispose to early onset dementia, later substance-use disorders and mental illness.

When seeking the best outcomes Parsons Corrin LLP child injury lawyers consider your child’s short and long-term recovery needs, so they can feel supported well into their adult years.

Common cases of infant and child brain and head injuries include:

  • Negligent care or medical malpractice in pediatrics
  • Car and bike accidents (infant skulls are more susceptible to damage in an accident)
  • Trauma during childbirth such as: hypoxia (low oxygen levels), anoxia (absence of oxygen), jaundice, difficulties during labour and delivery, low glucose levels or infections.
  • Sporting accidents
  • Child abuse (including Shaken Baby Syndrome)

For over 20 years, we have successfully represented families dealing with complex brain injury cases in Vancouver and across British Columbia. We are experts in brain injury law, and as parents too, we understand the emotional, physical and financial impact families face when a child is hurt. Our child injury lawyers offer nurturing support to help you make sense of your child’s injury, and connect you with specialized medical care and other professionals to help your family cope during this difficult time.

By staying in close contact with your child’s medical and school team, we also guide the return to school or play rehabilitation process to help your child return to a life as normal as possible.

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