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USA Cross-Border Personal Personal Injury

We are located in Vancouver, BC

We are located in Vancouver, BC and act for BC residents anywhere in the Province.

We can help if you have been involved in a car accident in Washington State or any other state in the USA.

Our lawyers are licensed in Washington State, California, and British Columbia. We are able to act for BC residents injured in any state in the United States.

Our lawyers are licensed to practice law in both the USA & Canada

We have the knowledge and experience to deal with personal injury cases in the United States and in Canada.

We can navigate claims in both the USA & Canada

Navigating the legal system in two countries is difficult and challenging. Often laws conflict and clients are obligated to take legal steps on both sides of the border. Hire a lawyer that can help you maximize your claim and navigate the process.

It is important that a lawyer dealing with a cross-border claim understands the law in both jurisdictions and can protect a client’s rights by representing the client in both jurisdictions.

We represent British Columbia residents who have suffered personal injuries in the United States. Whether the injury was sustained in a motor vehicle accident or another type of incident, our cross-border lawyers can assist with accessing compensation through both US and Canadian sources. We help clients pursue partial coverage for lost wages, medical expenses, and rehabilitation benefits, while navigating the complex overlap of claims in both countries. Our lawyers are qualified to practice law in both British Columbia and the United States.

How your case is managed

Your case is managed from our office in Vancouver. In the initial phases, we will help you access any benefits available to you in British Columbia. We will then file your claim in the US jurisdiction where you were injured and advance your claim in the US against the negligent party who injured you.

Non-motor vehicle accidents in the USA

We act for BC residents involved in other types of serious accidents in the US.  For example, we have acted for clients who have been assaulted or injured on unsafe premises. We would be happy to review your case with you and let you know if we can help.


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Our lawyers have over 20 years of experience helping BC residents with their US personal injury claims

Richard Parsons

Richard Parsons


Richard Parsons is licensed to practice law in British Columbia, Washington State and California.

We can help no matter which US state your accident occurred in

Most jurisdictions in the US allow motorists to carry extremely low insurance liability policies, and BC residents may have Underinsured Motorist Protection (“UMP”) coverage to protect them if the person who injures them in the US does not have enough insurance. It is important that a lawyer dealing with a cross-border claim understands the law in both jurisdictions and can protect clients’ rights by representing clients in both jurisdictions.

“Richard Parsons is a very professional, knowledgeable, smart, honest and trustworthy trial attorney. He has a great team working with him and they always treated me with respect. My case was long and difficult process, but he was always supportive and well prepared me to discovery. He told the truth and facts then allowed me to make my own decisions. I HIGHLY recommend Richard Parsons to anyone who seeks for legal representation.”

Anita Lee

Bellingham, WA

“I could not have asked for a better experience than working with Richard Parsons and his team. He was entirely transparent throughout the process, explained my options to me in lay terms, and gave me sound advice that resulted in an outcome I was very happy with. Despite the size of this firm, I felt I had a very personalized experience, and I never felt that this team had an agenda that conflicted with my own.  I have no doubt that it was worth it to hire a lawyer, and specifically this lawyer. I would recommend Richard without reservation!”

Melanie Smith

Vancouver, BC

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