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We can help when your insurance company is refusing to accept your disability claim

In many cases, Insurance companies go out of their way to make it difficult for individuals to qualify for benefits under long-term and short-term disability policies and often deny legitimate claims. When an insurance claim is denied, or benefits suspended, the physical and emotional impact on people is profound.  People may feel as though they have no recourse against insurance companies. Parsons Corrin LLP has vast experience helping people challenge insurance companies when they deny claims.  Our experienced litigators are available to help.

Gregory Hoff - Personal Injury Lawyer - Parsons Corrin LLP - Vancouver, BC

Gregory Hoff

Our disability insurance group is led by Gregory Hoff. Gregory has extensive experience working as a lawyer in the insurance industry and specifically as counsel on claims involving individual and group benefits policies. Contact Gregory at 604-662-7777 to discuss your disability claim.

We act exclusively for insured individuals, and never for insurance companies

At Parsons Corrin LLP we act exclusively for insured individuals in this area, and never for insurance companies. We use our knowledge of the insurance industry to obtain exceptional results for our clients. In many circumstances, this involves negotiating a lump sum payment of benefits for our clients and terminating the relationship between the insurer and the insured. Where appropriate we also effectively advocate for clients to receive ongoing coverage under a policy of insurance. The appropriate legal solution in each case depends on the needs and circumstances of our clients. Our wealth of knowledge in this area and deep understanding of contract law and remedies help us to obtain the best possible solution for our clients.

Our Disability Claims legal team has over 25 years of experience dealing with numerous types of disability claims including:

  • Wrongful denial of Long Term Disability claims
  • Wrongful termination of Long Term Disability benefits
  • Improper calculation or recalculation of the benefit amount
  • Requiring unreasonable retraining efforts
  • Requiring unreasonable medical treatment
  • Requiring unreasonable medical examinations
  • Negligently misunderstanding medical evidence
  • Deliberately misunderstanding medical evidence
  • Breach of privacy rights of claimants and their families

Let us litigate the insurance company while you focus on your health

The Parsons Corrin LLP Disability Claims team will fight for your rights. We are known for our tenacious advocacy and strong representation on behalf of our clients. We make sure our clients get the benefits they deserve.

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We act for clients that have not been treated fairly by their insurance company and have had their disability claim denied or severely reduced.

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