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Adelene's Story

In 2008 Adelene’s son was overserved alcohol to the point of severe intoxication before he stumbled in front of a motorcycle and suffered a brain injury and orthopedic injuries.

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Anny's Story

Anny’s Story

As Anny recovered in hospital, her parents sought knowledgeable medical and legal professionals who could assist in her recovery.

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Anna's Story

Anna was rearended by a speeding cement truck at the only light between Nelson and Castlegar.  Anna suffered bulging discs in her neck and chronic, debilitating daily headaches.  The insurance company representing the driver of the cement truck refused to settle and Richard and Kelley took Anna’s case to trial to get her fair compensation.

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Pedestrian Stuck by Pick Up Truck

Brenda thought she could care for her husband after his accident. She discovered she needed all the help she could get.

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Hit and Run Accident

When Diane’s sister suffered a traumatic brain injury, hospital staff recommended Webster & Associates.

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Windsurfing and Boating Accident

Frank’s life was completely changed when a speed boat collided with his windsurf, resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

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Car Accident

They nearly lost their son to a head-on collision. Now his future is secured, thanks to a substantial financial settlement.

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Michelle's Story

Michelle’s Story

After medical negligence contributed to her husband’s brain injury, Michelle needed an experienced legal team to pursue her claim.

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Car Accident

After a car accident left Sarah’s daughter in a coma for months, she wasted over a year with the wrong lawyer. Then she met Barbara…

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