Anna’s Story

Woman hit from behind by a speeding cement truck

Anna was driving to school on a September morning when she was rear-ended by a speeding cement truck at the only light between Nelson and Castlegar. Following the accident, she suffered from bulging discs and was told that the extent of her injuries would have to be monitored to determine if they required surgery or treatment. Within the first week, an ICBC adjuster offered her a settlement of $10,000, but Anna refused, knowing that she needed more treatment. 

Despite the adjuster’s warning that this was the only offer she would receive, Anna did not settle and continued to seek treatment for her symptoms. Over time, she experienced debilitating headaches, a nerve injury down her left arm that caused muscle loss in her hand, and a host of other issues related to the damage to her seventh cervical vertebra. However, when Richard and Kelley and their team took on her case, Anna felt a weight lifted off her shoulders. They worked tirelessly to get her the care she needed, and Anna ultimately received an award at trial of $765,000.

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