Frank’s Story

Boating accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury

About seven years ago, Frank Peters was enjoying a beautiful day windsurfing on Harrison Lake when he was struck by a high speed power boat. He woke up in hospital two weeks later, having sustained devastating injuries.

Frank’s life has been forever changed as a result of the carelessness of those responsible for the power boat. However, he wanted to share his story with others who may now be going through a similar situation; to let families know about the vital role played by an experienced brain injury lawyer, about the need to ensure proper rehabilitation and that there is hope for quality of life even after a severe brain injury.

As Frank said:

“The lawyers … so professional, on the ball, big picture thinkers. They don’t just think about your injuries today, they think about your entire future, where you’re going, how you’re getting there .. they’re not just lawyers, they’re not just there to get a big bunch of money, they’re there whole-heartedly, and they’re there for you and you feel that every step of the way. I would highly, highly recommend Parsons Corrin LLP (formerly Webster & Associates), the whole staff, from the front desk, to the associates, Brian, Barbara, everyone who I dealt with and was in contact with, they made the difference, not just to me but to my whole family.”

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