Settled Claim for 20 Times Amount Originally Estimated by Other Law Firm

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A lack of understanding about how to value a serious brain injury case is very common – even amongst lawyers.

We recently settled a claim for a young man who sustained a severe brain injury at the age of 13. He was struck by a car while riding his bike on a road near his home in a rural BC community. Shortly after the collision, his parents sought legal advice from a local law firm. They were told by the lawyer that this was a high risk case that they should not pursue – if won, the case would only be worth around $30,000 and if lost, they could potentially lose their home. Additionally, the parents were told by ICBC that their son was 100% responsible for the collision. They decided not to make a claim. Six years passed and, despite ICBC’s obligation to provide “no fault” rehabilitation benefits, the young man received very little in the way of rehabilitation support other than that provided by his family.

At the age of 19, the young man coincidentally met another young person with a brain injury and learned about our firm. We met him and his family and told them that his serious injuries could be worth a great deal more than what was originally estimated by the first lawyer his parents had talked to; possibly more than a million dollars.

After we commenced a legal action on his behalf the case was settled by ICBC for more than 20 times the amount originally estimated by the first lawyer.

We take cases that other lawyers turn down as being too “high risk.”

If you or your family member has sustained a serious brain injury, please contact us to see whether we can help. We offer second opinions at no charge or obligation.


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