Invisible Bicycle Helmet Acts like Airbag

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Watch “The Invisible Bicycle Helmet” by Fredrik Gertten, a 3-minute documentary fi

lm – part of the Focus Forward Films series.

Two female Swedish industrial designers have attempted to revolutionize helmet safety…and fashion. The ‘helmet’, which takes the form of a collar during regular use, inflates around the rider’s head when it senses a crash. The result is a giant puffy hood made of nylon that is able to withstand contact with concrete.

“The innovative Swedish inventors have successfully taken helmet issues beyond hockey and motorcycle helmets — that’s a good thing,” says Brian Webster Q.C.

“Bike helmets are a serious safety device. Helmets do reduce injuries particularly in falls from bikes, but unless they are worn they are useless. Many jurisdictions DON’T have helmet laws, so anything that highlights the importance of bike helmet safety and encourages proper helmet use has a huge potential benefit in reducing TBI frequency or severity.”


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