Welcome to the Brain Injury Law Blog

by | Mar 3, 2011 | Case Results, Community Events & Programs, Living with Brain Injury, News & Research | 0 comments

Brain Injury BlogWebster & Associates is pleased to launch their new blog. This blog is the most recent addition to our ever-expanding list of initiatives directed at providing the highest quality of services to our clients, friends and those professionals  with legal or medical interests in brain injury issues.  We hope that this blog will provoke discussions of current legal, medical and rehabilitation issues related to brain injury.  Occasionally we hope you will find an entertaining or humorous story.

The law firm of Webster & Associates was started by Brian Webster, Q.C.  He took on his first brain injury case before CT’s were regularly utilized.  Both law and medicine have come a long way in their treatment of brain injury since then. The firm focuses on prosecuting brain and spinal cord injuries and pride’s itself on providing effective representation focusing on both rehabilitation, and financial recovery.

In addition to Brian, Webster & Associates is home to several lawyers, including Barbara Webster-Evans and Daniel Corrin. Barbara has a background in medical malpractice claims and over 25 years experience as a lawyer, while Daniel  has been working exclusively in brain injury for over 10 years.

We welcome your comments or suggestions about topics to cover.  Please check back regularly for new posts.

– The Webster & Associates team