Wear Your Helmets, Hawaii!

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no helmets are required to ride a bike in Hawaii

I’ve just returned from a fantastic holiday in Maui, Hawaii. Although I was surrounded by spectacular Hawaiian landscape, I couldn’t help but notice something(s) that detracted from its beauty… NO ONE WAS WEARING HELMETS! All around me, people were riding road bikes, scooters, cruisers and even motorcycles without helmets.

I know this is a laid back community with posted speed limits that mimic our school zones, but I also know that hitting the cement at any speed without proper head protection can cause severe brain damage.


So I did a little research…and according to Hawaiian Statutes – Chapter 286 – 81 (Highway Safety) “a safety helmet is not required for any person who operates or rides as a passenger on a motorcycle or motor scooter; provided that the motorcycle or motor scooter:

(1) Has three wheels;
(2) Is powered by an electric motor;
(3) Has a full body enclosed cab; and
(4) Has a seat belt assembly or a child restraint system for the driver and passenger; and the operator and passenger uses the seat belt or child restraint system pursuant to sections 291-11.5 and 291-11.6.”

Violators are fined less than $1,000. As someone who is well versed in the costs associated with traumatic brain injury I was shocked by this number. A change in your life from a brain injury will cost you WAY more than $1,000!

Wear your helmets, Hawaii!

No Helmet Law in Hawaii