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Many of our clients, including one featured in a recent testimonial, have had a previous lawyer before coming to Webster & Associates. A few even had two, three, or even four previous lawyers before coming to us. Some were told (incorrectly) that they didn’t have a good case and some were actually fired by their lawyers.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to change lawyers. The litigation process can be very stressful and if you are unhappy or concerned that you may not be receiving the best legal support, the worry and anxiety can be increased.

If you are concerned about your legal representation, you should know that asking for a second opinion about your case or even changing lawyers is not difficult and usually costs nothing more.

Here are five things you may not know:

  1. You have the right to ask another lawyer for a second opinion.

  3. Asking for a second opinion doesn’t mean you have to leave your current lawyer. A second opinion may provide you with comfort that you are in good hands or the knowledge that you aren’t.

  5. At Webster & Associates, we are always prepared to talk to someone who has suffered (or whose family member has suffered) a severe brain or spinal cord injury and who is thinking about changing lawyers or seeking a second opinion. These discussions are always confidential. If we agree to provide a second opinion it is always without charge or obligation.

  7. Changing lawyers will usually not cost you extra. If you do decide to hire Webster & Associates in place of your current lawyer, this generally comes at no extra cost to you. In most cases we pay your former lawyer’s fees out of our own legal fees so you don’t pay more.

  9. We can work with your lawyer. Some lawyers recognize that their client’s injuries are so complex that they don’t have the knowledge or experience their client needs. They may choose to refer their client to us to ensure their client’s needs are fully met. We are always happy to hear from counsel about their clients and will cooperate to ensure both the client and the lawyer’s interests are protected.

Considering getting a second opinion? Read D.P.’s story – a second opinion with Webster & Associates resulted in the maximum insurance settlement for her injured daughter.

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