Q&A – Ask a Brain Injury Lawyer

by | Mar 11, 2014 | FAQ

My son was hit by a car when riding his bike and suffered a serious brain injury. ICBC says the accident was his fault and have said they won’t provide any compensation. Can I do anything or is that decision final?

Do NOT accept what ICBC tells you without getting advice from an experienced brain injury lawyer.  We have been successful in many, many cases where ICBC or another insurer initially refused to pay compensation, even in cases where a child has suddenly darted out in front of an oncoming car while riding a bike or skateboard.  With the assistance of the expert accident reconstruction engineers we work with, we may be able to assist you to obtain compensation for your son, to ensure he has the care and rehabilitation he needs. Unlike many other firms, we do not charge any fees or expenses unless we are successful. Please do seek legal advice. Your son’s best recovery may depend on it.