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Medical Malpractice

What is medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is when a healthcare provider’s conduct falls below the acceptable medical standard of care causing harm to the patient.

Standard of care refers to the actions a reasonably prudent medical provider (such as a doctor, nurse, therapist or other hospital employee) would have exercised under the same or similar circumstances. Causation is also very important in malpractice cases. The lawyer must prove that the final outcome was caused by the professionals failure to follow the standard of care.

Professionals outside of healthcare are also required to follow standards of care. These breaches fall under professional malpractice or professional negligence and can include dental negligence, negligence of school or day care staff, certified public accountants, financial advisors, engineers, IT consultants or any other professionals considered to have particular expertise that there patients or clients rely upon.

If Injured by Your Doctor or other medical professional

If you believe you’ve been harmed as a result of a medical professional who deviated from the standard of care and caused the problems you now have, contact Parsons Corrin LLP at 604-662-7777

With more than 35 years of proven results in professional malpractice law, we have helped families whose lives have been affected by birth injury, cerebral palsy, surgical and orthopedic negligence seek fair and just compensation owed to them.

Our seasoned medical malpractice lawyers can help you form a strong case, hold the negligent party responsible, and secure a resolution (settlement or trial) that lets you move on with your life.

“Parsons Corrin were a godsend to me. At the lowest point of my life they were willing to take on the challenge of trying to find compensation for my brain injury. Yes I got monetary gain from my malpractice suit, but they helped in so many more ways. I got to see the right doctors that made more sense of what I was going through, they kept in constant email contact with me to make sure I knew what was going on, Barbara in particular worked long diligent hours to make sure that my claim was clear and well put together. I owe the ability to live a somewhat normal life to Parsons Corrin. Had I not at least decided to try and see where my claim could go, I would be on welfare for the rest of my life. All is not hopeless, talk to Parsons Corrin and find out how you could possibly be helped.”

Wendy P

Assessing a Medical Malpractice Case

When deciding if you have substantial grounds for a case, a professional malpractice attorney will look at: the doctor-patient relationship; whether or not the doctor made a mistake in diagnosis, treatment or lack of treatment; the connection between the breach of care and the patient’s harm; the extent of harm; and the dates the injury, loss or damage occurred or were discovered.

Often insurance companies try to discourage patients from even starting a claim. It happens directly and through media reports.  However, when a specialized medical malpractice lawyer reviews the claim, it is more likely to significantly increase the settlement value of the patient’s claim.

Medical malpractice cases can be lengthy, expensive and complex. But Parsons Corrin LLP has a history of taking on and winning medical malpractice cases where clients have sustained a significant impact on their livelihood or need significant care.

Act Fast on Your Medical Negligence Claim

The Statute of Limitations is a law in Canada that places a time limit on when medical negligence cases must be filed by. These time limits vary province-to-province and can change depending on the facts of the claim. If you miss your window, you may be unable to recover medical costs.

To find out which time limit applies in your case, speak to a lawyer well versed in professional negligence and medical malpractice law as soon as possible.

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